Gasoline Testing

Gasoline testing and inspection for refiners, traders, distribution, logistics, and business.

Intertek provides full gasoline, naphtha, and light distillate fuels fuel testing, analysis, cargo treatment and inspection, for refiners, traders, distributors, storage, transportation companies and other businesses. The gasoline test labs are staffed with experienced chemists using recognized international fuel testing methods. Gasoline testing specifications include ASTM, IP, EN, blended gasoline, pipeline specifications, regulatory specifications (CARB, EPA, EU) and more. Gasoline quality analysis and testing are available throughout the global Intertek laboratory network. Related field fuel inspection services for cargo custody transfer, additive treatment, refineries and petrol/gas stations are available.

Gasoline, Naphtha TestsGasoline Test Methods
Acid and Base NumbersD664, D2896, D4739, D974
Acidity of Distillation ResidueD-1093
API Gravity, Density, Relative DensityD287, D1298, D4052
Aromatics, Olefins F.I.A.D1319
Arsenic ContentUOP 296, GF, AA
Benzene ContentD3606
Benzene and Total AromaticsD5769
Additional CompoundsD5769 modified
Benzene & Total AromaticsD5580
Benzene, OxygenatesD6277, D5845
Field support using portable IR (Infrared)Field Sampling and Testing
Bromine IndexD2710
Bromine NumberD1159
Chlorides, TotalUOP 588
Color, SayboltD156
Color, AvgasD2392
Color and AppearanceVisual
Corrosion, Copper StripD130
Corrosion Testing (NACE)TMO172
DCPD (Direct Injection)GC/MS
Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA)D5134, D7629, D6730, D6733, CAN CGSB
Doctor TestD4952 (D235)
Driveability Index (Calculated) of GasolineD4814
Ethanol Blends, fuel gradeD381
Gum Content Existent Air JetD381
Gum Content PotentialD873
Heat of Combustion (Calculated)D1405, D3338
Hydrogen SulfideSee Mercaptan Sulfur
Lead Content (g/gal) in GasolineD3341
Lead Content (ppb level)Graphite Furnace, UOP 350, IP 224
Lead ReactivityMobil
MTBE PurityD5441
Manganese Content (g/gal)D3831
Mercaptan Sulfur in GasolineD3227
Mercaptan Sulfur & Hydrogen SulfideIP 104, IP 103, UOP 163
Nitrogen Content, Nitrogen SpeciationD4629, Chemiluminescence
Octane Testing of GasolinesASTM, IP, other, supercharge
Octane Number ROND2699
Octane Number MOND2700
R+M/2 (Antiknock Index) (Includes tests)D2699 + D2700 average
Octane Number plus AdditivesD2699 or D2700
Olefins by SFCD6550
Oxidation Stability (Induction Period)D525
Oxygenates and Oxygen ContentD4815 / D5599
Phosphorus ContentD3231
PNA (Extended) / PIONA * (PIONA)Multi-Dimensional G.C
PNA * Polynuclear AromaticsD5443
Reid Vapor Pressure of GasolineD323
Reformulated Gasoline Testing (RFG US-EPA)EPA, CARB
Refractive IndexD1218
Silicones in petroleum distillatesUOP 787
Silver Corrosion, Elemental Sulfur in GasolineIP 227
Sulfur Content by Oxidative MicrocoulometryD3120
Sulfur Content – X-RayD4294 / D2622
Sulfur Content – By HydrogenolysisD4045
Sulfur Content by UV FluorescencD5453
Sulfur SpeciationD5623
Vapor / Liquid RatioD5188
Vapor / Liquid Ratio (Calculation only)D4814 X2
Vapor Pressure (Mini Method/Grabner)D5191, D5191(EPA), D6378
Vapor Pressure Dry BombD4953
VOC (Calculated)EPA
Water Content – Karl FischerE203, D6304
Water ToleranceD6422
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