Råolie – Crude Oil Assay

Crude oil assay testing performed by our dedicated experts.

Crude oil assay labs perform detailed hydrocarbon feedstock analyses and evaluation. Intertek’s crude oil assay labs are staffed by expert petroleum chemists with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Intertek operates the world’s leading independent crude oil assay laboratory network, with the critical expertise and capabilities required for full crude oil assay assessments and detailed hydrocarbons analysis.



Crude oil assay: 

Crude oil assay testing includes crude oil characterization of whole crude oils and the boiling-range fractions produced from physical distillation by various procedures. Petroleum assay data is used by clients for detailed refinery engineering and crude oil marketing. Feedstock assay data helps refineries optimize the refining process.


Petroleum assay evaluations: 

Atmospheric and vacuum distillations producing distillate fractions and residual bottoms similar to the actual refining process. Crude oil general properties analysis produces data including sulfur content, nitrogen content, viscosity measurements, cold property measurements and metals content. Detailed hydrocarbon analysis of crude oil off-gas is also run.

Crude oil assays vary in depth and complexity, dependent upon crude oil type and customer requirements. Intertek labs provide standard assay and custom crude evaluations. Individual characterizations can be presented in a variety of formats, including those capable of being downloaded into certain types of LP models. The unique molecular characteristics of each crude oil produced means that related assays, analysis requirements and reporting format services are offered by Intertek on a project quotation basis. Contact our Total Quality Assurance experts today to discuss your requirements.

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